Why settle for silver when you can go for the cold.

Why settle for silver when you can go for the cold.

Test your mettle big time with an ice-cold plunge in support of 21,000+ amazing Special Olympics Virginia athletes! No training necessary.

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Choose from 6 different Polar Plunges in Virginia.

Why Plunge?

Plunging makes you a champion for thousands of individuals with intellectual disabilities across Virginia. When you go for the cold, the money raised provides equipment, training and much more so 21,000+ Special Olympics Virginia athletes can come together, enriching their lives – and ours – through sports.


Become part of the Virginia tradition that raises $1.5 million dollars annually for Special Olympics Virginia's athletes. Through this partnership, your organization can invest in a world of opportunity and help lead the charge for the inclusion of our family, friends and neighbors with intellectual disabilities. Check out some of our highlighted sponsor benefits below!


Be on the back of plunge gear that 5,000+ plungers proudly wear year round all across the Commonwealth.


Boost your organization’s visibility and foster community engagement, as the daring dash not only captures attention but also reflects a commitment to inclusion.


Reach new audiences and get your brand’s mission, values and purpose in front of more than 30,000 social media followers.


Plunge is the ideal opportunity for your organization to drive business, make B2B connections, and build company culture.